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We care.
At Bugg's Place Toys, we truly care about your children and their early development. We understand that the children are our future, and that every experience and tidbit of knowledge work to shape them into the adults they will become. We encourage families to play together by offering a wide selection of family-friendly games and puzzles. We add to creative, explorative, and imaginative play for younger generations by carefully selecting educational, comforting, and stimulating toys and activities. To bring out the inner-child in all of us, Bugg's Place is full of a variety of retro toys. We love to hear you say, "I had one of those!" and to see the smile it brings. :) We encourage you to come to Bugg's Place for a magical experience. There are many wonderful places to visit on Cape Cod. Don't miss this gem! Come play with us!

A Very Buggy Story

Once upon a time, a dream came true. It didn't happen in the way imagined. It came with mountains to climb and storms to weather. This was not an ordinary dream. It was a dream that would bring joy to children, and make the old young again. It was a dream of laughter, happiness, rainbows, and ladybugs! It was a good dream, and good dreams are powerful, indeed. So, with purpose and perseverance, hard work and belief, the dream of Bugg's Place Toys came true, made just for YOU!

Come Play With Us!

Come play With Us!

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